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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer One-Month Impressions

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I’ve accumulated nearly a day’s worth of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and I thought I would share some of my thoughts with the game. It’ll be brief and segmented for easy digestion.

Here goes:


Commando – This perk reminds me of the Plasma sword found in Halo 2; the lock on and teleportation towards the target. I feel the range for this is a smidgen too much

Marathon – Is there a reason why this couldn’t be “Extreme Conditioning”? If there’s one thing which highlights how arcadey Modern Warfare 2 is, it’s this perk.


Akimbo – It’s a fun ability in any other game, but it feels so out of place in Modern Warfare 2. Especially when you pair up Model 1887 shotguns.

M16 – The M16 was my ‘Long Range’ weapon of choice in Call of Duty 4, but it is (understandably) less effective in Modern Warfare 2. What irks me about this weapon is the inability to actually hit someone from a great distance. I see them, but I can’t hit them with the M16’s bullets.

Kill Streaks

High K/D Ratio Justified – Call of Duty 4 already promoted a high kill/death ratio in its Team Deathmatch variants, but the inclusion of the 9+ kill streaks gives even more reason to minimize the amount of deaths. You can even overcome losing matches with the Tactical Nuke.

EMP – Requiring 15 kills in a row for this relatively useless killstreak reward is a shame. The requirements should either be lower (9 kills in a row) or have the EMP’s effects last for the duration of the match

Predator Missile – It was a great killstreak reward in the beginning, but now it’s nearly useless. The skilled players displace far too quickly. It’s not a negative, but it’s just something I noticed.


No Wetwork – I’m happy with the maps overall. Some are less favorable than others, and some have slight imbalances in “Domination”, but it’s a strong selection overall. I’ve found no “Wetwork” equivalent.

Made for Ground War – It seems like a vast majority of the maps were made for Ground War this time around. Most maps feel far too big for 6 vs 6.

Networking & Community

Host migration – It works about 75% of the time which is better than having the game collapse after someone leaves, but I wish it would wait for everyone to connect with the new host before starting the match back up.

Callsigns & Emblems – I wish they would indicate which challenge the emblems/callsigns came from.

Saved Replays – The lack of saved replays is a travesty.

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