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Exclusives Watch 2009

Welcome to the QSF5.com ‘Exclusives Watch 2009’ Revision 1.0!

Here it is: the final update of 2009 and probably the final Exclusives Watch for me.

As always this feature will answer these two questions:

Who has the most exclusives?
Who has the most quality exclusives?

With the new year, I’ve made a few predictions:

  1. The number of third party disc based retail exclusives will dwindle between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
  2. The number of third party Wii exclusives will drop a bit, but the quality will improve overall.
  3. Sony’s PlayStation 3 will continue maintain the quality over quantity mantra for its exclusives.
  4. Number of downloadable exclusive titles will rise for all platforms.

Let’s see how I did.

  1. Fewer and fewer exclusives from third parties. The most notable exclusive comes from an exclusive deal forged back in the early days of this console generation with the GTAIV expansions episodes.
  2. I was wrong about this one. So many more third party exclusives were delivered this year.
  3. I was right with the PlayStation 3 quality of exclusives.
  4. I was right about this, but only for Nintendo’s WiiWare.

With that, I hope you find this article to be both useful and enlightening. If you notice any missing/incorrect info, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Quantity of Exclusives

Quantity of Exclusives

Total Exclusives By Format

  • Number of exclusives between Sony and Microsoft are close while Nintendo tops the both of them combined
  • Third parties are still flooding the Wii with (questionable) exclusives in both the downloadable and retail channels

Closer Look

Exclusives On Retail Disc

  • The number of retail disc exclusives barely budged between Microsoft and Sony
  • I can only think of one third party title exclusive which the other platforms couldn’t live without which is Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
  • So many third party Wii exclusives

Exclusive Downloadable Titles

  • Surprisingly, the number PlayStation Network and Xbox Live! Arcade exclusives are about the same
  • Third party WiiWare exclusives are still insane
Quality of Exclusives

Quality of Exclusives

Quality of Total Exclusives

  • Company with most number of “Favorable” exclusives: Nintendo
  • Company with least number of “Unfavorable” exclusives: Sony
  • Of course Nintendo leads the most number of “Mixed” & unrated reviewed exclusives

Closer Look

Quality of Exclusive Retail Disc Titles

  • Nintendo leads with most number of “Favorable” received retail exclusives
  • Nintendo leads with most number of “Mixed” received retail exclusives

Quality of Exclusive Downloadable Titles

  • Both Sony and Microsoft boast a healthy mix of quality downloadable exclusives
  • WiiWare boasts a ridiculous amount of “Mixed” received downloadable exclusives

Microsoft Xbox 360 Platform

Retail Disc Exclusives

Quality Share of Exclusive Xbox 360 Retail Titles


GamePublisherRelease DateRating
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai SquadD3 Publisher10-Feb-09
Race ProAtari17-Feb-09
Star Ocean: The Last HopeSquare-Enix23-Feb-09
Halo WarsMicrosoft Games Studios3-Mar-09
Ninja BladeMicrosoft Games Studios7-Apr-09
Halo 3: ODSTMicrosoft Games Studios22-Sep-09
MagnaCarta IINamco Bandai13-Oct-09
Forza Motorsport 3Microsoft Games Studios27-Oct-09
Lips: Number One HitsMicrosoft Games Studios20-Oct-09
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty CityRockstar Games29-Oct-09

Downloadable Exclusives

Quality Share of Exclusive XBLA Titles


GamePublisherRelease DateRating
The MawTwisted Pixel Games21-Jan-09
FunTown MahjongMicrosoft Games Studios28-Jan-09
R-Type DimensionsMicrosoft Games Studios4-Feb-09
Death TankMicrosoft Games Studios18-Feb-09
Crystal DefendersSquare Enix11-Mar-09
Uno RushMicrosoft Games Studios25-Mar-09
The Dishwasher: Dead SamuraiMicrosoft Games Studios1-Apr-09
Zombie WranglersVivendi Games6-May-09
Rocket RiotTHQ17-Jun-09
Splosion ManTwisted Pixel Games22-Jul-09
Trials HDMicrosoft Games Studios12-Aug-09
Shadow ComplexMicrosoft Games Studios19-Aug-09
Yo-Ho KablammoMicrosoft Games Studios2-Sep-09
Ion AssaultBlack Inc.23-Sep-09
The Warriors: Street BrawlParamount Digital23-Sep-09
Football Genius: The Ultimate QuizRTL30-Sep-09
South Park Let's Go Tower Defense PlayMicrosoft Games Studios7-Oct-09
0-D Beat Drop!Arc System Works11-Nov-09
Encleverment ExperimentBlitz Arcade11-Nov-09
0 Day Attack on EarthSquare Enix23-Dec-09

Nintendo Wii Platform

Retail Disc Exclusives

Quality Share of Exclusive Wii Retail Titles


GamePublisherRelease DateRating
Fishing Master World TourHudson Soft6-Jan-09
Neighborhood GamesTHQ12-Jan-09
Deadly CreaturesTHQ9-Feb-09
Tenchu: Shadow AssassinsUbisoft5-Feb-09
NASCAR Kart RacingElectronic Arts10-Feb-09
Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie SlayersD3 Publisher10-Feb-09
The House of the Dead: OverkillSega10-Feb-09
Sonic and the Black KnightSega3-Mar-09
We Ski & SnowboardNamco Bandai3-Mar-09
Ready 2 Rumble RevolutionAtari17-Mar-09
Rune Factory FrontierXSEED Games17-Mar-09
Marble Saga: KororinpaKonami17-Mar-09
Ocean CommanderValcon Games31-Mar-09
Major's Minor's Majestic MarchMajesco Entertainment2-Apr-09
Party Fun PirateTomy13-Apr-09
Excitebots: Trick RacingNintendo20-Apr-09
Destiny of Zorro505 Games5-May-09
Help Wanted: 50 Wacky JobsHudson Soft12-May-09
EA Sports ActiveElectronic Arts19-May-09
Boom Blox Bash PartyElectronic Arts19-May-09
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie BreakersKonami19-May-09
Party Pigs: FarmYard GamesDestineer21-May-09
Rolling Stone: Drum King505 Games26-May-09
EA SPORTS Grand Slam TennisElectronic Arts8-Jun-09
Go Play Circus StarMajesco Games9-Jun-09
Go Play LumberjacksMajesco Games9-Jun-09
Let's TapSega12-Jun-09
The ConduitSega23-Jun-09
Overlord: Dark LegendCodemasters23-Jun-09
Cursed MountainDeep Silver27-Jun-09
Birthday Party BashTake-Two Interactive14-Jul-09
Little King's StoryXSEED Games21-Jul-09
Wii Sports ResortNintendo26-Jul-09
Build'n RaceZoo Games4-Aug-09
Daisy Fuentes PilatesSega4-Aug-09
Real Heroes: FirefighterConspiracy Entertainment4-Aug-09
Active Life: Extreme ChallengeNamco Bandai11-Aug-09
Phantom Brave: We Meet AgainNIS America14-Aug-09
Spectrobes: OriginsDisney Interactive Studios18-Aug-09
Speed ZoneDetn8 Games18-Aug-09
Reel Fishing: Angler's DreamNatsume31-Aug-09
Cruise Ship Vacation GamesActivision8-Sep-09
Muramasa: The Demon BladeXSEED Games8-Sep-09
Jump Start Pet RescueKnowledge Adventure Inc.8-Sep-09
Go Play City SportsMajesco Games11-Sep-09
Wacky World of SportsSega22-Sep-09
Baseball Blast!2K Sports25-Sep-09
Dead Space ExtractionElectronic Arts29-Sep-09
Deca Sports 2Hudson Soft29-Sep-09
Rapala: We FishActivision29-Sep-09
Family Fun FootballTecmo29-Sep-09
Animal Kingdom: Wildlife ExpeditionNatsume30-Sep-09
Wii Fit PlusNintendo4-Oct-09
Game Party 3Warner Bros.6-Oct-09
Ju-on: The GrudgeXSEED Games13-Oct-09
A Boy and His BlobMajesco Games13-Oct-09
Dragon Ball: Revenge of King PiccoloNamco Bandai20-Oct-09
Shimano Xtreme FishingMastiff20-Oct-09
Medieval GamesVir2L Studios20-Oct-09
Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3Konami27-Oct-09
All Star Cheer Squad 2THQ27-Oct-09
Water SportsGame Mill Entertainment27-Oct-09
Mountain SportsActivision27-Oct-09
Monster 4x4: Stunt RacerUbisoft27-Oct-09
Remington Great American Bird HuntMastiff2-Nov-09
Food Network: Cook or Be CookedNamco Bandai3-Nov-09
We Cheer 2Namco Bandai3-Nov-09
Hooked! Again: Real Motion FishingAksys Games3-Nov-09
We Wish You A Merry ChristmasDestineer4-Nov-09
Shaun White Snowboarding: World StageUbisoft8-Nov-09
Arcade Shooting GalleryZoo Games9-Nov-09
Ultimate Party ChallengeKonami10-Nov-09
Harvest Moon: Animal ParadeMarvelous Interactive12-Nov-09
New Super Mario Bros. WiiNintendo15-Nov-09
Buck FeverDestineer16-Nov-09
Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesCapcom17-Nov-09
Just DanceUbisoft17-Nov-09
Little Tournament Over YonderGevo Entertainment23-Nov-09
Coldstone: Scoop It UpZoo Games23-Nov-09
Cook WarsUbisoft24-Nov-09
Rec Room GamesDestineer7-Dec-09
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal BearersSquare Enix26-Dec-09
World Party GamesDreamCatcher Interactive27-Dec-09

Downloadable Exclusives

Quality Share of Exclusive WiiWare Titles


GamePublisherRelease DateRating
Sandy BeachKonami5-Jan-09
Planet PachinkoAllied Kingdoms12-Jan-09
Jungle SpeedPlayful Entertainment12-Jan-09
High Voltage Hot Rod ShowHigh Voltage Software19-Jan-09
Family Glide HockeyAksys Games19-Jan-09
Niki - Rock 'n' BallBplus26-Jan-09
Snowboard RiotHudson Entertainment2-Feb-09
Evasive SpaceYuke's Company of America16-Feb-09
OnslaughtHudson Entertainment23-Feb-09
Family & Friends PartyGammick Entertainment2-Mar-09
Gradius ReBirthKonami9-Mar-09
Bit.Trip BeatAksys Games16-Mar-09
Crayola: Colorful JourneyCrave17-Mar-09
Pop 'Em Drop 'Em SamegameHudson Entertainment23-Mar-09
Bonsai BarberNintendo30-Mar-09
Party Fun PirateTomy Corporation13-Apr-09
Cocoto Platform JumperNeko Entertainment27-Apr-09
Penguins & Friends: Hey! That's My Fish!Gammick Entertainment3-May-09
Family Pirate PartyAksys Games11-May-09
Crystal Defenders R2Square Enix18-May-09
Silver Star ChessAgetec Inc.18-May-09
The MunchablesNamco Bandai22-May-09
Adventure Island: The BeginningHudson Entertainment25-May-09
Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsSquare Enix1-Jun-09
Texas Hold'em TournamentDigital Leisure1-Jun-09
Swords and SoldiersRonimo Games8-Jun-09
Fish'em All!Abylight8-Jun-09
NEVES PlusAkinai Games22-Jun-09
Family Mini GolfAksys Games22-Jun-09
Drill Sergeant MindstrongXSEED22-Jun-09
DriiftKonamiJul. 2009
Eduardo the Samurai ToasterSemnat Studios15-Jun-09
Rainbow Islands: The Towering AdventureTaito15-Jun-09
Let's CATCHSega15-Jun-09
Water WarfareHudson Entertainment29-Jun-09
Silver Star ReversiAgetec Inc.29-Jun-09
Reel Fishing ChallengeNatsume29-Jun-09
Bit.Trip CoreAksys Games6-Jul-09
Bust-A-Move Plus!Square Enix6-Jul-09
Heracles Chariot RacingNeko Entertainment6-Jul-09
Bit Boy!!Bplus13-Jul-09
Incoming!JV Games13-Jul-09
5 Spots PartyCosmonaut Games20-Jul-09
Battle PokerLeft Field Productions20-Jul-09
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A Dark LordSquare Enix20-Jul-09
The Three Musketeers: One for All!Legendo27-Jul-09
HB Arcade CardsHB Studios Multimedia27-Jul-09
OverturnStudio Zan3-Aug-09
Sexy PokerGameloft3-Aug-09
Rock N' Roll ClimberNintendo10-Aug-09
NyxQuest: Kindred SpiritsOver the Top Games10-Aug-09
ATV Quad KingsZoo Games11-Aug-09
Family Slot Car RacingAksys Games17-Aug-09
Picture Book Games: Pop-Up PursuitNintendo17-Aug-09
Mr. Driller WNamco Bandai24-Aug-09
Cursed MountainDeep Silver25-Aug-09
3-2-1 Rattle BattleTecmo31-Aug-09
Contra ReBirthKonami7-Sep-09
Mart RacerJoju Games Inc.14-Sep-09
Spaceball: RevolutionVirtual Toys14-Sep-09
Family TennisAksys Games21-Sep-09
You, Me & the CubesNintendo21-Sep-09
Arkanoid Plus!Taito28-Sep-09
DRiiFT ManiaKonami28-Sep-09
Word SearcherDigital Leisure5-Oct-09
GravitronixMedaverse Studios12-Oct-09
Shootanto: Evolutionary MayhemHudson Entertainment19-Oct-09
Family Card GamesAksys Games2-Nov-09
Excitebike: World RallyNintendo9-Nov-09
Team Elimination GamesUbisoft10-Nov-09
Bit.Trip VoidAksys Games23-Nov-09
Harvest Moon: My Little ShopNatsume23-Nov-09
My ZooHudson Entertainment30-Nov-09
Copter CrisisDigital Leisure30-Nov-09
Christmas ClixJV Games30-Nov-09
My DolphinT&S Ltd.7-Dec-09
Stop Stress: A Day of FuryAbylight7-Dec-09
Stunt WarsIcon Games14-Dec-09
DiatomicGrendel Games14-Dec-09
Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSHThe Game Factory14-Dec-09
Moki MokiNatsume14-Dec-09
Eco Shooter: Plant 530Nintendo21-Dec-09
Playmobil CircusDreamCatcher21-Dec-09
TV Show King 2Gameloft21-Dec-09
PallurikioPlaystos Entertainment21-Dec-09
Happy Holidays: Christmas505 Games21-Dec-09

PlayStation 3 Platform

Retail Disc Exclusives

Quality Share of Exclusive PS3 Retail Titles


GamePublisherRelease DateRating
Killzone 2SCEA27-Feb-09
Cross EdgeNIS America19-May-09
Supercar ChallengeSystem 33-Jul-09
Katamari ForeverNamco Bandai22-Sep-09
Demon's SoulsAtlus6-Oct-09
Uncharted 2: Among ThievesSCEA13-Oct-09
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in TimeSCEA27-Oct-09

Downloadable Exclusives

Quality Share of Exclusive PSN Titles


GamePublisherRelease DateRating
Mahjong Tales: Ancient WisdomTikGames8-Jan-09
GTI Club +Konami15-Jan-09
Savage MoonSCEA29-Jan-09
Burn Zombie Burn!Pinnacle26-Mar-09
Comet CrashPelfast2-Apr-09
ZEN PinballZen Studios14-May-09
Trash PanicSCEA4-Jun-09
Punisher: No MercyZen Studios2-Jul-09
ShatterSidhe Interactive23-Jul-09
Fat PrincessSCEA30-Jul-09
Gravity CrashSCEA24-Nov-09
PixelJunk ShooterSCEA10-Dec-09

Frequently Asked Questions

Quantity of Exclusives F.A.Q.

  1. What’s the point of this article? Isn’t it just ammunition for list wars?!
    The goal of this article is to find exclusives that can only be found on specific gaming platforms. I’m looking to find games which I cannot find on any other platform for the year 2009. I’m making this list out of curiosity, if fanboys/fangirls and other fanatics are going to use it in their console wars, feel free to do so. Just keep it off the site.
  2. What do you mean by ‘exclusive’?
    According Dictionary.com, the word “exclusive” means “limited to the object or objects designated”. The aim of this article is to find all the exclusives for each of the specified consoles. If the game appears on any other platform, including the PC, it will not be counted. We are looking for games which were made for a particular console in the year 2009.
  3. What about ‘timed exclusive’ games?
    If a game’s exclusivity window ends within the year 2009, it will not count as an exclusive. An example of this would be 2008’s Rock Band 2 which debuted first on the Xbox 360, launched on other platforms by the end of 2008. If a game is announced as a timed exclusive with no specific launch dates for other platforms, it will count as an exclusive for that console until further notice.
  4. What platforms and regions are being covered?
    North American Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 platforms are being covered for this feature.
  5. Are remakes counted?
    It depends. Some “remakes” are simple visual enhancements while others offer substantial changes to both visuals and gameplay. I would like to count the latter.
  6. How about rereleases?
    No. Most rereleases are not counted as the core game itself usually remains intact with only minor changes.
  7. Do you only count games with firm release dates? What about “to be announced” and “to be determined” games’?
    With this year’s list, I’ll be counting games if they have been announced and proposed for the 2009 calendar year. Before they’re listed, the games must have some official media and/or press releases.
  8. Where are you getting all this exclusives info from?
    The sources include IGN.com, Gamespot.com, Wikipedia.org and just about any other website which may have the necessary information.
  9. Hey, wait a minute, that game should/shouldn’t be there! What should I do?
    Feel free to post a comment and point me in the right direction. With justified proof, I’ll add or remove the specified game.

Quality of Exclusives F.A.Q.

  1. Where did the ratings info come from?
    The ratings come from MetaCritic. We’re using MetaCritic’s score ranges (red, yellow, green and grey) to determine how the exclusives were received by the critics.
  2. Why is the game’s rating gray?
    The gray represents games which have not been rated yet. If a game has been released for some time and critics have not weighed in, that’s not a good sign. As more games are released, the amount of gray should diminish. With the final revision for 2008, there should not be any games with gray.
Change Log

Change Log

Tuesday, January 13th, 2008 – Rev 0.1

  • Initial release

Saturday, April 11th, 2009 – Rev 0.2

  • Added a handful of titles and ratings

Saturday, June 27th, 2009 – Rev 0.5

  • Adjusted exclusive listings as per the post E3 2009 info
  • Attempted to clarify the “remakes” question in the F.A.Q.
  • Revamped table layout
  • Updated charts style

Saturday, November 7th, 2009 – Rev 0.6

  • Updated Q3 2009 releases

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 – Rev 1.0

  • Final update for 2009

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