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2009 Gaming Expenses


The end of 2009 is nigh and I can say with certainty that I will not be making any more gaming expenditures. So let’s take a look through the year and see how much I’ve spent on this hobby of mine.

MSRPAmount Paid

I could have spent nearly $1700, but that amount was reduced to just under $1400 courtesy of deals. A savings of nearly $300 is nice — really nice even — but I did spend a lot since I did purchase a console or two this year. The Nintendo DSi and Xbox 360 Pro 60GB accounted for just over $400 alone. And then there was my MadCatz Street Fighter FightStick purchase and modifications which cost me approximately $175. Tallying it all up, that’s approximately 33% of my gaming expenses; a third spent on hardware and accessories alone.

Needless to say, I’m hoping to spend less on hardware and accessories in 2010.

Looking through the software side of things, I’ve done a pretty good job with sticking to my mantra of not paying full price for retail games. The only title I spent full MSRP with was Street Fighter IV which was also the first title I recorded for this year.

As I reviewed the list of game purchases, I did come across some regrets. The first was God of War for PlayStation 2 which I purchased for $20. It sat on my shelf for months and then Sony announced God of War: Collection and the host of improvements that came with the re-release. The second regret was a freak accident of sorts. I purchased Infamous for less than the MSRP, but within weeks of its release, BestBuy was holding summer sale which knocked the game’s price tag down to just $29.99 for a day.

In the end, I’m quite pleased with this little exercise and will continue tracking it for 2010. I’ve spent approximately $116 per month on gaming which doesn’t seem too bad. With 2010’s lineup of games, I don’t see myself spending any money of hardware or accessories; just software. With that in mind, I can definitely see next year’s expenses ending up around $1500 or so.

So how about everyone else? How much have you spent on games in 2009?

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  1. TC
    | Reply

    I didn’t track 2009, but I think I will track 2010 and let u know.

    dont forget hardware-wise that 2010 will most likely contain a PC purchase…yes, I think it should count in the tally because we both know we are buying new PC’s for games as well as media etc.

    also, there could be some motion sensing hardware releases in 2010, possibly 2011 though..like Natal and the ps3 motion sensor

    • No_Style
      | Reply

      I’ll be excluding PC hardware from my counts because I want to draw the line somewhere. I technically use my HDTV for gaming more than anything else. I say you should follow what retailers categorize as ‘gaming’ and use that as a guide.

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