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Podcasts and Other Gaming Shows I Consume

podcast_logoThe “Web Faves” portion you see on the side bar is a pretty good indication of which sites, shows and podcasts I consume my gaming and technology needs.

I’d like to specifically talk about the gaming podcasts and shows came and/or went during 2009. I’ve included new ones and discarded others so I’d like to take a bit of time to discuss and promote some of the noteworthy ones.


GiantBomb.com I don’t visit this site for gaming news, or reviews for that matter. I visit it for the always entertaining Bombcast podcast, its Quick Looks and just about any other video content they throw up there. These guys are funny, knowledgeable and entertaining to watch or listen to. Off the cuff comments and reactions are the best. And there is no other gaming site out there which delivers that kind of commentary like they do. They also have a pretty kick ass achievements (360, Steam & WoW) system. It’s too bad Sony won’t allow people to hook their info in for comparison.

1UP Podcasts – I listen to 4 Guys 1UP for the guest stories and early game impressions. I listen to Active Time Babble for its role playing game discussions and Retronauts for the retro gaming talk. Despite the mass exodus of personalities, 1UP still manages to produce interesting podcasts on a weekly basis.


RebelFM PodcastI supported what these guys were doing early on, but somewhere along the way, I just didn’t feel compelled to listen to them anymore. I don’t know if it’s the cast or the excessive penis jokes, but one thing is for sure: I don’t bother with it anymore.

The Geekbox Podcast – They speak in tongues. I like nerdy geeky things, but the stuff this podcast discusses is out of my geek realm. Comics are cool and I respect their appreciation for Lost/Burn Notice/whatever-TV-show-they-like, but I couldn’t stand listening to it anymore.

The Co-op Show – This show is great, but it’s also a large file download for a bandwidth strapped household. The fact that they rarely showcase upcoming games also stifles the desire to download it. Previews and first impressions are fine, but video reviews tend to show too much and I’m not fond on the idea of getting spoiled before I get a chance to play it for myself.

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