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Checkpoint: Reflecting on Mass Effect Edition


Writing long detailed reviews has its benefits. For instance, I can look back at my Mass Effect review and get a really detailed look at my thoughts on 2007’s BioWare RPG epic.

Two years later, I still agree with my closing thoughts:

I invested approximately 34 hours into Mass Effect, amassed nearly 1 billion worth of credits (off by just 1 credit) and, according to the achievement, completed a majority of the game. I spent a lot of time with Mass Effect and I wanted to love every second of it. Every time any one of the mentioned faults appeared, I did my best to ignore it and push forward in hopes that the game will get better. In the end, I was left a tad bit disappointed. Perhaps it had to do with my own expectations based on reviews and media hype, but I simply felt Mass Effect’s numerous flaws ruined what was arguably one of the greatest science fiction role playing journeys ever. Regardless of the negativity I expressed, I can honestly say that enjoyed Mass Effect. The conversations, soundtrack and the story of Mass Effect are the highlights which I will take from this game. I want to see this trilogy through until the end, so I hope BioWare fixes most of my complaints in the next instalments. As for my recommendation? There are gamers out there who can push the mentioned faults aside and if you are one of them, Mass Effect is recommended. Otherwise, if you are not one of these tolerant fans, I would give this space epic a weekend rental first.

Mass Effect was one of those games which I can look back to fondly, but couldn’t really enjoy while I played it. However, like the other two 2007 blockbusters Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted, there are a host of improvements coming with Mass Effect 2. Whether or not BioWare will pull through with the sequel remains to be seen.

As for why I enjoyed Mass Effect, it can be summed up by the review’s intro:

With Mass Effect, I sought to fulfill the fantasy of commanding a starship like Picard of the Enterprise or Adama of the Galactica. Mass Effect, in many ways, exceeded my expectations and allowed me to not only command a starship, but to also play the role of an interstellar diplomat, an explorer, and a hero of the galaxy.

And in just a few days, I’ll be back on the bridge of my starship. Ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to save the galaxy. I just hope I can fight along Wrex once again; he was so awesome!

P.S – For the curious, I traded Fable II ($20 TIV), Street Fighter IV ($15 TIV) and $19.99 for Mass Effect 2 at EB Games/GameStop

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