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Checkpoint: Year of the Tiger Edition


Whoops. I completely forgot about this week’s Checkpoint. Sunday came and went, and I didn’t flinch.

It was Chinese New Year and thus there was a whole lot of nothing going on. I finished BioShock the other day and it was still creepy all these years later. I was also still impressed with the technical and artistic work overall. The character models were a bit disturbing though; too doll like.

I then started Braid and promptly finished that. I then continued my PSN crusade and finished PixelJunk Shooter and Critter Crunch. After this palette cleansing, I’ll take on BioShock 2 which my brother just wrapped up.

Braid was a satisfying experience. I adored the puzzle platforming and it felt like a real accomplishment after completing each level. That last level was a bit of a mind blower as well.

I wasn’t immediately taken with PixelJunk Shooter. It was okay for the first and second worlds as I was merely going through the motions. It wasn’t until world 3 where I began really enjoying it. But just as the fun started, it was over. There will be a PixelJunk Shooter Encore and I think I’ll get it. Q-Games got their feet wet with the first installment, I assume they’ll go hog wild with the expansion.

That’s it for now.

Happy Year of the Tiger!

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