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Checkpoint: The Calm Before The March 2010 Storm Edition


It’s the end of February. While in year’s past, this would be gaming business as usual, 2010’s March lineup rivals the best holiday lineups ever.

I placed my order for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, my Final Fantasy XIII order was placed earlier this year and God of War III was in the queue since mid-2009.

Unfortunately, I still have games I wish to spend with including BioShock 2‘s multiplayer which I will do a write up about later this week. I also have Trine to complete; I would have been a bit disappointed with if I had spent the full $19.99 for it. Then there’s Starship Defense, which didn’t particularly wow me, but I did just finish it with all “Perfect” medals. I did want to spend more time with Marvel vs Capcom 2 as well. After all these years, I really wanted to spend time into executing an “Air Combo” consistently.

As I keep on the mantra of not paying full (MSRP) price for games, I’ve discovered that my list of “wants” has grown a bit.

  1. Bayonetta (360)
  2. Heavy Rain
  3. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
  4. Demon’s Souls

The last two, I may need to pull the trigger on as soon as possible as they could be considered too “niche” for price drops and will simply evaporate off store shelves/stock rooms. I’ve been watching Demon’s Souls for a long time and the most I’ve seen it drop was 10% during BestBuy and FutureShop’s video game promotions. Ace Attorney Investigations, on the other hand, is simply not showing up at the major retailers for some odd reason. I’m guessing limited print run? That would be unfortunate.

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