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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 MP Report #2

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I’ve sunk approximately 12 hours into Bad Company 2‘s multiplayer now. Since the last report, a patch was deployed, I tried Squad Deathmatch and I’ve gotten my hands on a whole slew of weapons including the “Battlefield Veteran” reward, the M1 Garand rifle.

The patch addressed a problem with the PlayStation 3 version’s in-game store which not only unlocked bonus content like the M1 Garand rifle, but it will also be the portal for the free map pack coming March 30th. And not too soon! The more maps for Conquest the mode the better.

Conquest Reigns Supreme

I’ve tried Rush mode and Squad Deathmatch, but both don’t compare to the dynamic nature of Conquest. I could be hunkering down to defend point A or infiltrating a building to capture point B on whim. And that’s what I enjoy most about it. Also, the barrage of mortar fire from the Recon class is virtually non existent along with the spawn camping which can occur on a very lopsided Rush game.

As a fun little distraction, Squad Deathmatch fits the bill. I didn’t think it would be very fun to have four squads tango, but it works out as a time waster. Most of the class abilities become a non-factor since you’ll rarely run out of ammo and never need to revive.

Unlimited Is No Problem

Both Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 share the following:

Unlimited sprint
Ability to replenish grenades and explosives on whim

While both of those can be annoying in Modern Warfare 2, it isn’t in Bad Company 2. But why? Well for one, the grenade launcher doesn’t deal nearly as much splash damage to infantry like it does in Modern Warfare 2. And even if I ever get annoyed by the use of explosives against me, I could always come back in a tank.

In addition, since the maps are so large and knifing is so slow and inconsistent (by comparison), knife runners are not a problem here.

Random Thoughts

  • Destruction is a big deal for both aesthetics and gameplay
  • Spotting system needs to be refined since I am still having trouble spotting units on demand
  • Medic LMGs (aside from the M60) are still disappointingly weak
  • The Engineer has a handful of viable sub machine gun weapons to choose from
  • The shotguns are sketchy at the moment; they probably require those “slug” upgrades later on

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