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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 MP Report #3

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Just over the 20 hour mark with the multiplayer mode. I’m now level 16 and just obtained the Magnum Ammo and 12 Gauge Slugs perks. After using the Magnum Ammo for for a few hours, I finally feel that I’m on par with other high level players now. I totally understand how others can mow me down so quickly with the Magnum Ammo perk. That thing is magnificent.

I think DICE has their unlock system upside down. It doesn’t make sense to reward those who’ve invested more time with the shooting mechanics more powerful perks to increase their proficiency. The Magnum Ammo (or Stopping Power) should have been a base level perk like it was in Call of Duty 4 or Modern Warfare 2. Give those who have spent more time honing their skills the longevity perks such as additional ammo or explosives. What will a newcomer do with four additional clips of ammo when he’ll be taken down by a level 26 player with two bursts of the M16 equipped with Magnum Ammo with ease.

I’ve only just started playing as the Recon class simply because my Thompson is now competent weapon with Magnum Ammo. I refuse to sit back and use a sniper rifle when I could be throwing out motion sensors and helping out my team capture points.

I still primarily play Conquest mode. I’ve tried giving Rush mode more chances, but it’s just not a mode that works for me. I still feel it is a mode which highlights the weaknesses of the game design. Maybe I’ll revisit it after DICE makes some changes to it, but for now it’s all Conquest all the time.

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