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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 Campaign Review

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After investing so much time with “the only reason to pick up a Battlefield game”, I decided to take crack open the included single player campaign. My immediate reaction was: “It’s not bad.”. In fact, I think it could help players with the multiplayer aspect of the game, or at least give them a peek at what’s to come. It wasn’t as polished as other shooters and it certainly wasn’t an original scenario, but it had its charms.

The most surprising element of the campaign was the feel of it. It felt just like the multiplayer; from how the movement worked to the way the guns handled and reacted. I was even given unlimited sprint and hit markers when bullets made contact with Russian forces. (Yes, the evil Russians are the enemy here as well.) The only thing I couldn’t do in the campaign was deploy a parachute on whim which as any Battlefield multiplayer aficionado knows is a tough habit to break.

So it operates and feels very similarly to the multiplayer which I can’t say is the case with Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign, but the two of them do share a few commonalities. For one, they’re both very scripted and linear. Even though I could I run forever, it wasn’t recommended since I could suddenly trigger enemies to spawn and mow me down. And despite the destructible environment, there was very little freedom to do my own thing.

But in the end, it was the cast of misfits that was Bad Company which made a lasting impression on me. Far too many shooters, especially of the first person variety, take themselves too seriously. I heard the first Bad Company was more light hearted than the sequel, but I liked the mixture here. While everyone else was being serious, Bad Company were taking jabs at Modern Warfare 2 and making burial plans at Cowboys Stadium. It was a fun atmosphere.

I was initially very impressed and surprised by Bad Company 2‘s campaign. It felt good; very similar to the multiplayer. The destruction and the characters were refreshing. However, somewhere along the way things began to unravel and it ended up succumbing to the trappings of other first person shooters. It’s a good thing that I bought this game for its multiplayer because this campaign alone isn’t worth the price of admission. As a bonus? It wouldn’t hurt to give it a go.

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