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Checkpoint: Easter Holiday 2010 Edition


A four day weekend which includes some Formula 1 racing, a fair bit of gaming and Cadbury Mini Eggs — the most Easter-ly thing I do.

I missed out on the Australian Grand Prix which I heard was a blast. I caught the Malaysian Grand Prix a third of the way through and at the time of writing, it’s been a pretty good race. I was also scratching my motorsport itch by playing a bit of Forza Motorsport 3 this weekend as well. After a three month hiatus from the game, getting back into the thick of things was a cinch. I simply love how the cars handle in this game; it makes life so easy yet challenging.

Speaking of revisiting past games, I’m replaying Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign. Part Trophy run, part Veteran run and part excuse to see how the campaign stacks up after Bad Company 2‘s. First of all, Veteran difficulty isn’t too bad. Favela was still annoying, but I’ve grown tolerant of it. It’s amazing how fast health rebounds in Modern Warfare 2.

Also amazing are the set pieces which continue to amaze the second time around. Infinity Ward did an excellent job opening and closing levels. The inbetween? Not so much. Everything was far too scripted and boiled down memorization. Bad Company 2‘s campaign felt open world by comparison and it had its share of scripted events. And while this may surprise some of you, but I actually enjoy the shooting in Bad Company 2 more. I don’t feel the aim assist in it.

Neither campaign is without fault, but I have to tip my hat to Modern Warfare 2‘s for having an awesome soundtrack. Nothing gets me into a game faster than a strong and persuasive soundtrack. Bad Company 2 may have its lighthearted banter, but it doesn’t have that lasting hook. As long as I didn’t try to comprehend the silly story and learned to enjoy the moment, Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign was great.

In between MW2 sessions, I’ve been playing a lot of Bad Company 2 multiplayer. A lot. Too much even.

And in-between all of that: Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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