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Checkpoint: Q1 2010 Gaming Expense

1000-dollar-cadI set my 2010 gaming budget at $1000. With three months out of the way, let’s see how I’m faring.

MSRP Total: $339.91
Actual Total: $228.53
Total Savings: $111.38

After gift certificates, coupons and other deals, I’ve spent $228.53 thus far.

The game I paid the most for was Battlefield: Bad Company 2 while Peggle Nights win the award for least paid at the price of free.

I’ve acquired many games via use of EB Games/GameStop’s Power Trade including:

  • Mass Effect 2
  • BioShock 2
  • Metro 2033

It’s true that I’ve fallen in love with the Power Trade promotion. And why not? Adding 25-50% on-top of a $40 trade in value game makes the trade-in nearly 1:1. Plus, I clear out old games I don’t want and I clear out trade-in credit which I use to supplement those trades.

My next Power Trade will be Super Street Fighter IV.

I still haven’t purchased every game I wanted to though. Heavy Rain, Demon’s Souls, Bayonetta (360) and Splinter Cell: Conviction are still off the list, but that’s what I need to do if I want to keep within my limit.

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