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Checkpoint: Cheat Codes Edition


Before last night, I couldn’t recall the last time I inputted a cheat code in a game. I couldn’t even recall the last time visited GameFAQ’s cheats section and saw actual cheats and not Trophy or Achievements info.

Cheats are still included in games, but they’re simply switches in a menu these days. It seems like the whole notion of streamlining even crept its way into cheats.

To my surprise, Dead Space still employed cheat codes. I don’t use cheat codes for the first run through any game. But since this was a second play through and a Trophy run, I decided to visit a Trophy Guide to see what some of those hidden ones were all about.

Old school button inputs for cheat codes were what I found and let me tell you, it was an awesome touch.

Personally, some of my most memorable console cheat codes were from Donkey Kong Country:

  • B, A, R, R, A, L – Give 50 lives in a new game
  • D, Y, D, D, Y – Used to access bonus rooms

I always found those two codes pretty clever.

As for PC gaming? They range from “Glittering prizes” to “IDDQD”.

Which do I prefer though? Menus or input codes? There’s a sense of satisfaction when you enter a series of inputs, but on the other hand, a cheat menu is self contained. I don’t need to look up the code, it’s all there and for that, I prefer the cheat menu.

But, hey, an easy to remember cheat code is still welcomed in my games.

In other news, I’m approximately 5 hours into Final Fantasy XIII. Initial impressions are positive. When I’m not playing that, it’s either Dead Space (as mentioned) or Bad Company 2‘s multiplayer.

I also purchased Final Fight: Double Impact which is nothing short of ideal as a classic arcade re-release. Every classic arcade re-release should be handled like this

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