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Checkpoint: Replayed Resident Evil 5 Edition


Well, we didn’t finish the Platinum Trophy, but we were close. My thoughts on the game remain the same. It’s such a disappointing and (at times) frustrating game. But I’m not going to use this post to repeat myself. I’m going to point out some interesting facts, incidents and other snafus I ran into while playing the game.

  1. There is a 3 MB walkthrough/FAQ for Resident Evil 5.
  2. Not single guide was conclusive.
  3. Most guides offered terrible descriptions for treasures/BSAA emblems.
  4. If there’s currency in the game, there’s a way to exploit and farm it.

That 3MB file was overkill. The author essentially transcribed the game’s every action onto text and it was not helpful in that manner. Thankfully, there were many other guides to pick and choose from.

Although I wasn’t have a blast replaying the game through its difficulties, it was amusing to deconstruct and exploit the game. Discussing tactics and exchanging ideas as we made our way through Resident Evil 5 was the most co-operative gaming we’ve done in awhile.

It’s disappointing and sad that there aren’t many co-op games which offer the level of replay value Resident Evil 5 has. Otherwise, we’d be able to play those instead.

With RE5 done for now, I’ll probably get back into some Heavy Rain and see the rest of the endings. And on top of that? Some more Civilization IV or Bad Company 2 multiplayer — if the lag is gone, that is.

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