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Checkpoint: 2010 Tournament Finals Edition


World Cup 2010 & Evo 2010 World Championships.

I’ve been keeping tabs of the former, but really taking a shine to the latter this year. Internet streaming brings all that Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace excitement home and it’s hard to ignore for a fan of fighting games. The Super Street Fighter IV semi-finals were excellent with many of the matches going the distance. There were upsets, epic comebacks and lots of crowd pleasing moments.

Although the stream quality isn’t top notch, the commentary makes up for it. There’s a lot of fighting game lingo being thrown around, but they do take the time to explain what it’s all about. Nice to know what “Resets” and “Option Selects” are all about.

Along with personal pride and egos, there’s also lots of national pride with 20+ countries being represented. And if I’m not mistaken, this is the first year where we’ve got some women’s action with a dedicated Super Street Fighter IV Women’s Invitational. It’s great to see so much diverse love for fighting games.

Out of all¬†competitive¬†gaming, I much prefer watching competitive fighting games. It’s visually stimulating and very easy to get into when paired with the commentary.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more Evo 2010 to watch.

P.S – Congrats to Spain for winning their first World Cup!

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