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“Are Console Gamers Evolving into PC Gamers?”

windows-logoA thread title from NeoGAF. Gowans007 goes on to elaborate a bit,

“Is the console gaming audience tastes becoming more in line from what we traditionally expected from a PC gamer audience?”.

My answer was as follows:

For a long time I viewed myself as gamer who enjoyed specific types of games on specific platforms. But, at the start of this generation, there was a huge shift from (what was considered) “PC styled gaming” on PCs to “PC styled” gaming on consoles. I followed the developers to the consoles thanks to efforts like Gears of War. At the time, my newly built computer wasn’t getting any of that Epic Games love. I was wondering why and then I took a look at the console hardware. They’ve finally broken the HD barrier and improved online functionality — two key components which made PC gaming very attractive to me were now on consoles as well.

(But despite the transition, I still value dedicated servers, not paying for peer-to-peer gaming and old PC gaming model of substantial free DLC.)

Five years later and I’ve finally upgraded my PC thanks to lower hardware costs and the abundance of competent multiplatform games. I upgraded it to play more “console games” on it; not “PC games” specifically. Borderlands, Burnout: Paradise or just about any other multiplatform game must support the Xbox 360 controller. In a way, I’ve turned my PC to a more powerful Xbox 360. (I’ve also upgraded for Civ V and — to a lesser degree — Starcraft II)

I don’t see it as a shift from PC gamers to console gamers or vice versa. I see it as platforms becoming more accomodating to people’s tastes. The Xbox 360 and PS3 were able to accomodate what PC developers were accustomed to making which in turn enabled more people to play what they like to play on consoles. They had to make sacrifices such as controller preference and cutting edge tech, but that’s a personal preference.

A lot of this overlapping is thanks to Microsoft’s efforts (easy porting, DirectX, GFW standards on PC etc..). They haven’t done enough, but they have put in a fair bit of effort to ensure games are available on the PC and console side of things.

I kinda trailed away from the initial question a bit, but I still believe that consoles have simply become more appealing to more gamers thanks to the advances they’ve made.

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