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Checkpoint: Hailing The King Edition


Did you hear? Duke Nukem Forever is back on track and slated for 2011 for the PS3, 360 and PC! And it’s all thanks to former 3D Realms developer and current Gearbox president, Randy Pitchford.

But what should I be expecting? Revolutionary gameplay? Regenerating health? All that stuff doesn’t really matter when I think about it. To me, all Duke Nukem Forever needs are as follows:

Awesome Gimmicks

Remember flushing urinals, knocking pool balls around, paying strippers to show boob or squishing miniaturized pig cops? Or how about watching Duke kick a field goal with the eye of a mutant? What made Duke Nukem 3D so memorable for me was the seemingly endless stream of gimmicks. Duke Nukem Forever needs to continue this trend and not succumb to the recycling of thirty seconds of fun that so many shooters do these days. Keep throwing out new things to interact with regardless of how minor the reward is.

Awesome One Liners

Just check these out. That’s just a handful of the bad ass one liners Duke throws out throughout his ass kicking adventure. And I expect Duke Nukem Forever to provide more memorable quotes. They’re cheesy, but they fit Duke and it wouldn’t be a Duke Nukem game without that iconic voice spewing that nonsense.

Duke Nukem Theme Music

‘Nuff said.

Get those three things in the game and it’ll be awesome.

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