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Home Server Project 2010 – The Snags

linux-logoThis Shuttle ST20G5 is giving me a lot of grief. A lot of it could be avoided if I used countless DVDs and an IDE hard drive, but that’s not the case at all.

I’ve given up on install Windows Home Server v1 because it ran into SATA driver issues which I couldn’t get around. For some odd reason, Microsoft decided to use some hybrid of the new and old installer. I can get pass the new installer, but I’m not able to press F6 during the Windows XP style installing process to load the old driver.

It’s all sorts of messed up.

So I’m trying to install Fedora 12 and get Amahi working. Right now, I’m burning a DVD-R version of the Fedora 12 because the Linux USB boot drive I made doesn’t work with the ST20G5’s archaic design. It seems to only recognize Windows boot USB sticks and not ones with the Linux boot loader. I actually tried booting from a DVD-RW, but that failed as well. This is so terribly inconvenient since I already removed the optical drive from the Shuttle yesterday.

I’m hoping this DVD-R will just work and I’ll be on my way to actually trying a home server OS instead of mucking around with installs and USB sticks.

P.S – Damn you, Shuttle for using that finicky ULi chipset. It’s so horrible and obscure.

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