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Checkpoint: Civilization V Edition


I’m still not done my first Civilization V game. It’s been going on for about 8+ hours.

Here are the settings for my game:

  • Map size: Standard
  • Map type: Earth
  • Speed: Standard
  • My civilization: Caesar and Rome
  • Difficulty: Warlord (3)

I’m in the late game now (approximately the year 2050) and I’ve pulled off actions that I’ve never could with Civilization IV.

I’ve conquered over three Civilizations. I’ve expanded across most of Russia, China and India. I have the largest military in the world. I’ve dropped a nuclear bomb and I’m on my way to a space victory.

The combat improvements were largely responsible for this pending victory, but that left me wondering if other methods of victory can be easily obtained. I guess I’ll have to try them out for myself in the next game.

In the meantime, I’ve been sick and I haven’t been doing much review writing. I have a Dragon Quest IX and a Halo: Reach campaign review pending. And on top of that, I have Metroid: Other M to start.

There’s nothing new coming next week, but on the week of the October 4th, Medal of Honor and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow lands.

The holiday rush cometh!

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