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PS3 19-Blade Fan & WHS v2 Installed

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windows-logoMy PlayStation 3’s 19 blade fan arrived today and I installed without any trouble. I started up the system and it sounds noticeably quieter during idle. I tried running Folding@Home for 30 minutes or so and it remained quiet. I’ll put it through its paces when I get my hands on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow which my bro is currently playing through. Or maybe I’ll play some Bad Company 2 multiplayer.

Who am I kidding? I’ll be playing Civilization V.

Which is one reason why I haven’t been playing around with the Windows Home Server v2 Vail beta I installed on the Shuttle ST20G5 finally! So far it’s been a cinch to connect and administer, but I have yet to try any backups or media streaming. Perhaps I’ll have more time during this upcoming long weekend.

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