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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit PS3 Demo Impressions

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I just finished trying out the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit PS3 demo and thought I’d pen some thoughts down. At approximately 1.5 GB, the demo offered two tracks — cop chase and a traditional race with exotic cars.

The cop chase was a return to what made the Hot Pursuit games exhilarating. Being chased is alright, but chasing down hoodlums and executing P.I.T maneuvers to take cars out reminded me of the good old days. Taking out racers was simple enough; just ram cars until they’re disabled. I was also given spike strips and road block summons to make my life easier, but I didn’t use them as much as I should have. I wish they gave us access to the helicopter support though.

The traditional race was simple enough; pick one of three cars and place first. I chose the Porsche Boxter Spyder and the BMW Z4. I also set a decent time of of 3:56 on that race, but it didn’t take long for my brother to beat it. In fact, he’s also going after the 2:13 time I set in the cop chase mode.

The “Autolog” taunts players into going in and attempt to beat records and times set by people on your friends list. Even though it’s not the first game to do it, I welcome it. I can see it offering a healthy dose of friendly competition without having to face each other directly.

As for the feel of the driving? There was a nice sense of weight to the cars. It was very easy to pick up and even if it wasn’t, I was able to configure my controls to my liking! Thank you, Criterion!

Criterion developers are technical wizards; proven with games like Burnout: Paradise. However, I wasn’t as impressed with NFS:HP. It looks nice at night, but aliasing and iffy textures mar the day time. And even though it runs at a very smooth 30 FPS, I can’t help, but wonder what this game would be like at 60 FPS — which I could try out for myself with the PC version of the game.

PS3 or PC? I’m leaning towards the PC, however I know I’ll have more friends on the PlayStation Network. I can even trade Medal of Honor in for the console version.

Decisions. Decisions.

At least I know one thing though: this Need For Speed will be the first I intend to purchase in ages.

(My bro purchased NFS: Shift).

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