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Checkpoint: F1 2010 Championship Edition


The Formula 1 2010 season came to an end earlier today and from it came the youngest F1 champion ever: Sebastien Vettel.

Dude’s got talent! 10 pole positions and 5 victories! Must have been a great feeling! And as a cherry on top, he’ll be appearing in Gran Turismo 5 which will finally debut on November 24th!

Yeah, I doubt he cares about the latter.

But enough about that.

I’ve completed a couple of games over the past week. First it was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on PlayStation 3 and then it was Amnesia: The Dark Descent on PC. I’m writing the review for Castlevania now and I’m almost done.

As for my next game? It’s Call of Duty: Black Ops’ campaign. For some reason, the low resolution isn’t bothering me as much in the campaign. On multiplayer, it’s an annoyance though.

I’ve also started Monkey Island 2: Special Edition. It’s amusing and much more intuitive remake compared to the first “Special Edition”.

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