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Checkpoint: Red Dead Redemption Edition


I picked up Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 on Friday and started it immediately. As for Fallout: New Vegas? That can sit there.

I have a GOTY candidate to play.

And so far, It’s living up to expectations. I haven’t encountered any significant issues yet — in fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s the most polished open world game I’ve played this year.

I can’t help, but compare Red Dead Redemption to Fallout: New Vegas. They’re from different “genres”, but they both feature open worlds and both feature vast deserts. I think I’m going to try reviewing both at the same time — like a compare and contrast piece.

As for my late arrival to this Western party? I attribute it to my obsession for a good deal. The price just didn’t budge over the summer and fall seasons. To date, 8 million copies of Red Dead Redemption have been shipped to retailers which explains why the price stayed at $59.99 for so long. I was lucky to grab my $29.99 copy at GameStop on Friday.

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