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QSF5’s GOTY 2010 Day 2 of 3

goty-2010Day two of three is here and I’m recognizing the surprises and disappointments of 2010.

For the curious, day three will be on Sunday.

Most Disappointing Game of 2010

Winner: Gran Turismo 5


Here were my expectations for the fifth Gran Turismo.

  • Highest caliber tech engine
  • Highest quality car models for all my favorite cars
  • Satisfying driving physics and engine

Just three simple requirements and Gran Turismo 5 managed to only meet one of them; the driving. The tech is all over the place ranging from jaw dropping to down right embarrassing. And the whole business with premium cars vs standard cars left many of my favorites looking like “high” resolution PlayStation 2 models.

Note that I didn’t even mention a quality game experience. I knew going in that Gran Turismo 5 wasn’t going to match up to Forza Motorsport 3 in that department.

Even though I’m still going to investing time in Gran Turismo 5, I can’t help, but feel let down by it. Hopefully future patches improve it tremendously.

Runners ups: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Multiplayer for PS3, Fallout: New Vegas

Surprise Game of 2010

Winner: Red Dead Redemption


I never touched a western game before Red Dead Redemption. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with Rockstar’s San Diego’s open world game. I never knew how entertaining it could be roaming the deserts, wrangling up criminals and hunting down cougars. This game was always surprising me with new gameplay mechanics, activities and endings. Yes, even endings.

What was even more surprising was how well the whole game was executed. I actually thought it was GTAIV with a horse, but in reality, it was GTAIV with improved controls, tech, story telling and a horse.

Runner ups: Limbo, Bayonetta, Super Meat Boy

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