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Checkpoint: Super Bowl XLV Edition


Let it be known that I’m rooting for the Green Bay Packers despite my better judgement. Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback and although Clay Matthew’s hair isn’t as epic as Troy’s, I still believe they could win it all.

I also want something besides a split pot in my playoff pool at work.

Enough football. Let’s talk games — specifically the ones I wrapped up and the ones I’m in the process of wrapping up.

I finished Mafia II for the PC late last week. A review of it is coming Wednesday. If you enjoy mob stories, you’ll enjoy Mafia II despite its faults.

Next, I have Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth which I’m finding tedious. I’m on the last chapter and it still clings onto references of the mainline games. I’m still going to finish it, but there better be an incredible ending to make up for the rest of the game.

And finally, I started Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare downloadable content pack. I picked it up for $5, but it’s easily worth the $10 asking price. Maybe even more. John Marston is still his lovable self in the zombie apocalypse. Also zombie bears!

What’s up next? I want to start Dead Space 2 before the arrival of Marvel vs Capcom 3, but my brother is taking his sweet time with it. From the glimpses I caught, it looks like Dead Space which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Other things I’ve been pondering include resuming my Home Server project. Microsoft’s Home Server 2011 just entered the release candidate stage which sparked this whole thing up once again. But I’m also looking at Amahi again. Decisions, decisions.

In related news, I purchased another 4GB of RAM for my PC. Why? Because I can. Perhaps Battlefield 3 can take advantage of it!

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