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That’s Enough, Marvel vs Capcom 3

capcomlogoI didn’t mind Street Fighter IV’s marketing ramp up and its steady stream of character reveals. But I did grow tired of Marvel vs Capcom 3’s. I stopped posting their media pieces because they were simply character reveals.

The entire character roster is just a simple Google search away and I’m trying to leave some surprises. It’s already a known quantity, do I really want to spoil everything about it?

Of course not.

So how should Capcom handle their Street Fighter X Tekken campaign? Slow trickle like Super Smash Brothers Brawl and their other fighters? Please, no. I suggest that they stop with the low hum’s worth of media over the course of months and start creating sizable media explosions. I shouldn’t be able to summarize your media reveals in 140 characters or less; make it worth everyone’s time.

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