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Yakuza 4 N.A Demo Impressions

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Yakuza 4 - Saejima Kicking Ass

When the Japanese demo of Yakuza 4 was released back in 2010, I navigated my way through the Japanese PSN Store towards the download link. It was an all encompassing demo which gave a sizable sampling of what Yakuza 4 was about.

They separated the demo into “Story Mode” and “4 player battle mode”. Story mode showed off voice work and Sega’s latest cutscene presentation skills. The latter showed off the four protagonists and their fighting styles along with the minor tweaks they made to the fighting system in general. It was still brutal and context sensitive, but I felt it was a bit more polished this time around.

The North American demo only offered the 4 player battle mode. Sega released the half of the Japanese demo which didn’t need any translation work whatsoever. I should have read up on what was included in the demo because the only reason I wanted to download it was to check out the localization. Too bad for me.

But why did Sega only release the “action” half of the Japanese demo?

Did they think new comers weren’t going to enjoy the story segments? Were they afraid of spoilers? Or did they truly believe newcomers would gravitate towards a Yakuza game for its brawling? Baffling.

Fortunately for Sega, I’m already a fan of the series and didn’t need any convincing. I’m just a bit miffed because I used up 600+ MB of my monthly bandwidth allotment.

Yakuza 4 debuts March 15, 2011 exclusively for PlayStation 3. Check the official site for more information.

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