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Checkpoint: Knocking on The Heat Edition


It took me awhile to get hyped about the current NBA season, but I think the four in a row loss for Miami Heat did it for me.

I watched a bit of the awesome Orlando Magic 24 point comeback win on Thursday, witnessed the dismantling by the San Antonio Spurs and just watched LeBron and Wade fail to win in another close game at Chicago.

I don’t harbor any personal hatred towards the Miami Heat, but with LeBron’s shenanigans with “The Decision”, the pre-season hype and their silly claim for multiple championships: how can anyone who isn’t a Miami Heat cheer them on?

I’m also looking forward to the discussion on PTI tomorrow. It should be great!

Oh and I watched the Lakers smother the Spurs. Hopefully they’ll do the same thing to the Heat on Thursday.

I finished the Dead Space 2 campaign the other day. I’m already writing up my impressions for a Wednesday post. I would have started a New Game +, but if I want to go for the “Hardcore” mode, I’ll need that New Game + run for memorization purposes.

So instead, I started Killzone 3’s campaign. So far it’s been gorgeous and familiar. There was a Medal of Honor Tier One operative dude sporting a beard and sunglasses. He wasn’t wearing them though.

I’ve also started a new game of Civilization V with Ramesses III because of the newly released patch. They changed a lot of stuff and added a fair bit as well. I’m not hardcore enough to discuss the ramifications of these changes — especially with regards to diplomacy — but I am happy for the mix up. Having to pay attention to my choices again is great.

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