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A Goomba & an Android Appear

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I haven’t purchased a toy or figure in ages. But that all changed when I visited Deal Extreme and encountered these two items.

Google Android Figure ($5.14 USD)


Believe it or not, this Android figure was licensed from Google — well that’s what the box said. I’m disappointed by quality of it. I don’t know if it’s that noticeable, but there’s a white paint around its neck/mouth is chipped and that black speck on its body (I can’t get rid of it).

On the bright side, its arms move and so does the head. And it looks neat.

I’m not even an Android owner nor will I pick up an Android product at this point in time. I do love the idea of Android and its logo though.

Goomba with Mario Hat ($3.76 USD)


This was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think the Goomba was going to be this awesome for $3!

For those who are curious, the box didn’t come with it. That box is from the Club Nintendo figure set.

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    Hey, sorry to tell you the green android is a fake. The arms don’t match the body and it’s off model. The real deal is much better quality.

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