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Checkpoint: I Finished Some Games Edition

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I finished Professor Layton and the Unwound Future yesterday. In short, it’s my favorite of the series and may not be topped. I was on such a Layton high, I went ahead and bought one of these Revoltech Professor Layton figures. I’ve been collecting figures here and there as of late, I hope I don’t end up with this (slightly NSFW). I doubt it since those figures cost $120 and the Layton figure I got costs $20 (I hope. They haven’t finalized shipping costs yet).

I also finished BioShock 2 (PS3). And by finish, I mean Platinumed. I didn’t realize how much of BioShock 2 was optional. I could ignore a majority of the Little Sisters and simply follow that quest arrow (I turned it on this time) towards completion and would have been mostly fine since I did play it on easiest difficulty.

It was still a joy to revisit Rapture for the fourth time (played BioShock twice and BioShock 2 last year). However, I was still disappointed by Tenenbaum’s early exit and the lack of tangible reward for saving Gil Alexander or sparing Stanley. At least Grace sent security bots to help.

In my first playthrough, I decided to grant Gil Alexander’s wish for death and I avenged the death of all the people Stanley killed in his effort to get rid of all the witnesses to his sexy parties. I felt those were the right decisions, but I guess it wasn’t the right decisions according to the developers who awarded the “Savior” trophy for keeping the three major NPCs alive and saving all the Little Sisters.

I’m nearing the end of Blur’s career mode. I don’t think I’ll perfect every race though. I may save that for future revisits. Next? Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

I also started P.B Winterbottom on PC. I’m enjoying it so far. Not much else to say aside from that since I’ve just completed the tutorial level.

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