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Checkpoint: Still No PSN Edition


The PlayStation Network is still down and it looks like it may be awhile before it returns because Sony is rebuilding the darn thing.

It’s not too bad though. Sure I can’t play any multiplayer games, but then again, there’s aren’t any multiplayer centric games to play. Even before the outage, I was playing random games like Final Fight: Double Impact and Tetris HD — I can’t play the former thanks to someĀ poor DRM choices though.

Fortunately, I managed to activate Portal 2 on PS3 which enabled me to play my Steam copy. I also managed to finish the game and you know what? It’s great! Stupendous even. I’ll be writing my impressions later, but don’t wait! This is a game worth playing now. In fact, I’m going to be getting another copy for my brother so we can do some co-op fun.

This PlayStation Network outage reminds me of the great Xbox Live! outage back in Holiday 2007 where Microsoft offered Undertow as a freebie. I realize PlayStation Network is free, but a nice freebie of some kind would make up for the outage on a long weekend. Three days with family without the haven that is the online world? That’s lunacy.

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    I agree that a freebie would be a nice compensation, but i doubt that would calm some people after what is looking to be close to a week of PSN being down. Especially with it being just a day after Socom 4 and the release of the Steel Rain map pack on killzone. Which i havent played since wednesday now. The only thing I’m banking on is that hopefully when they get done rebuilding PSN that there will be less online problems, as well as some PS3 improvements possibly.

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