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Tell Me Why I Shouldn’t Get a Zune HD

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The recent price drop to $169.99 for a 16GB model and $199.99 for the 32GB model got me thinking of replacing my iPod Nano 2G for one of these. My 8GB black iPod Nano is still working fine, but I think it’s time to upgrade regardless.

It was released in the U.S. in September of 2009 with a very promising future, but didn’t quite make it. In fact it was just released in Canada earlier this year.

But why a Zune HD? Why would I get one when Microsoft has all, but abandoned it completely? Well, perhaps if I share how I prioritize key categories for an MP3 player and how I prioritize it all:

  1. Price
  2. Portability
  3. High quality audio playback
  4. Battery life
  5. Sleek design
  6. Quality screen
  7. Video playback

According to reviews, the Zune HD fares very well in those key categories. In spec sheet comparisons, the iPod Touch 4G’s key losses were in the price and portability (size) categories.

The iPod Touch 4G costs $249.99 for an 8GB model. I can get a 32GB Zune HD for $231.64 with taxes and shipping included. The Zune HD is also noticeably smaller and lighter than the iPod Touch 4G which — coming from an iPod Nano — is a big deal for me.

Based on what I’ve read thus far, the only clear setback (of concern to me) for the Zune HD is the lack of a physical volume button which is a shame because not having to bring out the device to adjust volume is one of the reasons why I continue to stick with my iPod Nano. But for the improved sound quality? I think I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

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  1. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    its alot like buying a blackberry instead of an iPhone… yeah it works, but it sucks.

    • Anonymous
      | Reply

      Is it because of the apps? Because that doesn’t matter to me, sir.

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