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Checkpoint: New Home Confirmed Edition

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It’s official. In just over 10 months I’ll be moving into a new home. A new home means new furniture, new appliances and new technologies. Don’t worry, I’ll put in the effort and not flood this blog with silly details like the choice of marble flooring or the hardwood stain I’m going to choose. Instead, I’ll be talking about how I will bewiring things and my move to modern technologies like wireless N.

But since is just the beginning of this journey, I’ll leave it at that for now.

I wrapped up Vanquish late last week and begun playing L.A Noire. It’s pretty damn good and something that I believe everyone needs to play. As for Vanquish? I’ll be writing something about it for this Wednesday.

I’m also playing through the Mortal Kombat Challenge Tower. It’s been a long time since I tackled something this challenging. After spending over an hour with Shang Tsung and his fight against 3 combatants including Shao Khan — all with one life bar — I’ve grown a hatred for the sorcerer. He’s a slow bastard with a limited move set and simply no fun to play with.

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    I look forward to you documenting this… Our next house may be a new build so it’ll be interesting to see what do you with yours.

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