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Installing uTorrent on Windows Home Server 2011

utorrent-logoSo I installed uTorrent as a service on my Windows Home Server 2011 box and I thought I’d share how I accomplished that.

I used two a mixture of guides from Pravesh including

The entire process is actually quite easy and similar to the Dropbox as a service procedure. The above guides are excellent, but for those who would like a concise version of the instructions, you can find it here. The main difference between Jack’s guides is the fact that Pravesh uses a separate “Torrent” user account instead of the “Local Service” account. I did the former.

The end result is a convenient and easy to use Torrent download system where I can either:

  1. Start a download by dropping the .torrent file into my dedicated “Torrent Share” directory
  2. Start a download by logging into the uTorrent web interface and uploading a torrent file manually

Once the downloads are completed, I can move them to the appropriate share.

It’s the simplicity of the Torrent clients found on NAS boxes like the DNS-323, but with the complete options and features found in uTorrent. I love it!


  1. miabhai
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    this is gonna sound crazy. how do you install utorrent in your whs 2011? (given guide doent work for me

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