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What to do with the Dell Mini 9?

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intel_logo.pngIf all goes according to plan I’ll be placing an order for Apple’s next Macbook Air tomorrow.

Once I get my Macbook Air, what shall I do with this Dell Mini 9? Joli OS 1.2 has been disappointing me more and more as I use it with its Flash crashes and sleep mode glitches.

Sell It?

What can I do with it? I can sell it for $150 or so. I’ll throw Ubuntu on it and just get rid of it that way. It did come with Ubuntu, so I wouldn’t be ripping anyone off.

Home Server?

My crazy alternative is to use this as yet another home server or a NAS. It’s a lower power Intel Atom which should be more than enough for simple file serving. However, I am skeptical about this little netbook’s USB 2.0 throughput.

Donate it?

If all else fails, I’ll just donate this thing and hope someone finds some use for it. The last thing I want to do is it have it sit here collecting dust.

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