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Checkpoint: Me vs. Sony VAIO Edition

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My sister brought her Sony VAIO VGN-NR498D over for an upgrade to Windows 7: Home Premium. I thought it was going to be a painless process, but it wasn’t the case whatsoever.

Installing Windows 7 was a bit of hassle with the built in optical drive. It had trouble reading the Windows 7 media disc and would stumble into a number of different errors. Things began moving along as soon as I used my own external drive.

Once Windows 7: Home Premium (I decided to put 32-bit edition) installed successfully, I was able to throw the laptop onto my WSUS server and began the update process. About an hour or so later, the updates and a number of device drivers were installed.

Then the battle began.

Laptop manufacturers like Dell or HP have one utility to manage their function key settings. Sony has three or more? I have no idea. I tried installing a bunch of Sony VAIO software, but no go. I ran out of time and handed the laptop back to my sister.

After she left, I began looking for answers on how to get those damn function keys to work. Fortunately for me, I found this. Apparently there is a precise order to the install. Hopefully, I can those keys working when the laptop returns.

Finished the Hero path of inFamous 2 and immediately began the evil game. I don’t think I will be holding off the review before I finish the game again, so look for the review this Wednesday.

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