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Summer Vacation Gaming 2011 – Day One


I took this week off from work not to game, but to not be at work. That’s not to say I won’t be playing some games. Having finished inFamous 2, I decided to make this week a replay week where I finally go back and replay some older games.

I decided to crack open Mass Effect again and set my save right. I’ll have to replay Mass Effect 2 again before the release of Mass Effect 3 in 2012, but I have no qualms with that whatsoever. Replaying Mass Effect on the Xbox 360 is giving me regret my decision to stick with the Xbox 360 as my platform of choice for this trilogy.

Mass Effect runs like garbage. Installing the game to the hard drive sped up the loading a bit, but the framerate is all over the place. I wish it was just isolated cases of dips during heavy combat, but it’s not. The framerate drops even when I’m running around abandon warehouses and sterile office environments. It’s annoying, but I can press on.

Inventory management was paper thin in Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect’s inventory and equipment screens weren’t ideal, but they did remind me of the joys of outfitting my squad with awesome gear and looting. I hope they find a middle ground with this in Mass Effect 3.

I had also forgotten how different the scale and scope of the two games were. Mass Effect was less personal and more about solving an interstellar mystery while the sequel was about the personnel and the characters. Both have the pros and cons, but I prefer the latter.

According¬†to the game clock, I’m approximately seven hours in my “hardcore” playthrough. But if you were to count the number of times I restarted, it’s a lot more. Maybe ten hours. I keep forgetting how sparse the checkpoints are in this game.

I have another 20 hours to go which means I should be done by the end of Wednesday. I don’t know what I’ll start after that. Maybe I’ll start up some Super Street Fighter IV. Or maybe play some Shank? Or PixelJunk Shooter 2?¬†There’s plenty for me to choose from.

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