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Macbook Air 11″ 2011 First Impressions

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My Macbook Air finally came in today.

Apple products make great first impressions so don’t be surprised to see nothing, but praise for my Macbook Air in this initial post.

Gift Wrapped

Macbook Air 11-inch 2011- Box FrontMacbook Air 11-inch 2011 - Top BoxMacbook Air 11-inch 2011 - Box SideMacbook Air 11-inch 2011 - Box Open

As always, Apple packaging is impressive. Ever since the original iPod Nano, I’ve been impressed with how Apple packages their products. It’s easy to open and get, but it’s also quite secure.

Engineering Feat

Macbook Air 11-inch 2011 - Compared to Dell Mini 9

I knew this thing was going to be thin and light, but I was still surprised by the slimness of it. The Macbook Air’s thickest point is thinner than my Dell Mini 9’s bottom half’s thinnest point. It’s also 2.38 lbs vs the Dell Mini 9’s 2.3 lbs. Incredible engineering.

Swipe For Productivity

Mission Control and full screen apps for Mac OS X Lion and the Macbook Air are fantastic. Screen space is precious on a laptop screen and those two functions along with multi touch gestures allows me to maximize that screen space on a per application basis. Switching between applications is so effortless and somewhat fun.

Chiclets and Command Buttons

Typing on this keyboard takes a bit of getting used to, but trying to adjust to pressing “command”+C to copy instead of CTRL+C is a mental exercise. It’s like using the Windows key in the place of CTRL to copy and paste. But then I’m using it like the ALT key for ALT+Tab as well.

I’m having trouble adjusting because I’ve always used my left hand’s pinky and index fingers to CTRL+C and CTRL+V. For Mac OS X, I’m currently using my thumb and my index finger to pull off these basic commands. It feels awkward.

So Far So Good

I’m loving the hardware and I’m enjoying my first real attempt at learning Mac OS X. I still need to find some Mac equivalents for my basic applications, but with a bit of searching and forums, I’m sure I’ll find some.

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