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Checkpoint: Depreciated Tech Edition

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During the weekly process of clearing unnecessary junk from the home, I stumbled across a stash of DVD-R/RWs & CD-R/RWs. So many backups from the time before cheap 2TB drives and my NAS.

Tossing out all those discs was a liberating process. So many discs to hold so little data. Transferring all that data from an optical drive to the NAS reintroduced me to a PC behaviour that I haven’t seen in years: the pause Windows Explorer succumbs to when waiting for the optical drive to read.

Thank goodness for digital downloads and flash memory.

I also went through all the computer junk I accumulated over the years from obsolete manuals to useless driver discs. And how can I forget all those old cables? IDE, FDD and even some S-Video cables which came with all those old video cards from a decade ago.

I usually don’t have a problem getting rid of smaller items, but when it comes to monitors, video cards and speakers, I feel helpless. Selling through Kijiji is a hassle on my part and going through E-Bay tends to net less than the market value. So in the end, I usually donate it to some place or sell it to a friend.

I’ve been playing Yakuza 4 and Bad Company 2 multiplayer ont the side. That’s it. Maybe a little Pac-Man Championship DX here and there, but I’ve been focusing on Yakuza 4. I was hoping to finish it with plenty of time before Deus Ex: Human Revolution because I wanted to get that high resolution texture pack for the original Deus Ex and finish that game. We’ll see if it pans out.

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