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Checkpoint: Bad Company 2 Retirement Edition?

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By this time next week, I should be playing the Battlefield 3 beta on my PlayStation 3. My monthly bandwidth limit may come into play and stop me, but I won’t worry about that right now.

With the impending beta, I thought I’d take a look at Bad Company 2 and some of the issues it that I hope Battlefield 3 will solve. Some of these things have already been addressed, but I’m still going to highlight them.

Hit Detection – Those double kills, delayed kills and complete misses when I clearly have a bead on them — I hope these are addressed in Battlefield 3

Inconsistent Knifing – It could be related to the above, or it could be a completely unrelated. It doesn’t matter what the cause is, the end result is me getting the jump on someone, initiating a knife, watching it connect and not yield a kill. It’s not a big problem against the oblivious, but against a veteran player? I’ve been knifed back.

Texture pop-in – There were instances where I could see someone off in the distance completely exposed. Thinking it would be a free kill, I would take aim only to discover that a hill or a tree now stands between myself and the “free kill”. It’s an uncommon occurrence, but it does happen.

Server Browser – Having encountered so many “Server is full” messages while trying to join a fellow GAF member, the inclusion of a server browser in Battlefield 3 is more than welcome.

If the above issues are addressed and the technical performance lives up to expectations, this week could be the last time that I play Bad Company 2 with any form of regularity.

Here’s hoping for a good “beta”!

Still working our way through Gears of War 3’s campaign. It’s Gears of War. I’ll probably wrap it up by Wednesday.

I’ve also been playing 999. “Playing”. I think it’s more like “reading” and not particularly good reading either. I like the premise and the characters, but I’m not a fan of how its being delivered to me.

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