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My History With Apple

I don’t know Steve Jobs personally. I’ve never conversed with him via e-mail nor did I ever steal one of his prototype iPhones. I bought the products that he spearheaded and that’s it.

With his passing, I thought I’d take a look back at the Apple products I purchased and owned through the years.

iPod Nano – First Generation (4 GB)


The first generation iPod Nano replaced the mistake of a purchase that was the Creative Zen Micro MP3 player.

With the first generation iPod Nano, I finally realized why people liked Apple products. It was — and still is — a pretty piece of hardware with its simple design and thin profile.

It was not only pretty, but also cutting edge with Flash memory as storage which meant song skips was a thing of the past.

I eventually gave this to my brother who traded it in years later for the fourth generation iPod Touch.

iPod Nano – Second Generation (8 GB)


My first taste of Apple’s aluminium designs. I picked this up after handing over my first iPod Nano to my brother.

It was like the original Nano, but it had the aluminium design of iPod Mini and double the storage capacity.

I still use it to this day.

MacBook Air 11″


There was a four year hiatus between my Nano and this Macbook Air 11″.

I purchased it to replace my woefully under powered Dell Mini 9. It’s easily the most beautiful laptop I’ve ever owned, but it’s the best laptop I have ever used. I still admire it at least once per day as I set it down.

There’s not an inch of the hardware that I don’t like. Everything from the keyboard, the trackpad and even the power connector was thought of. This is what attention to detail brings.

But the real beauty of this laptop is the operating system powering it, Mac OS X Lion works extremely well with it and I cannot imagine using another laptop without it.

Plenty More To Come

I’ll eventually get an iOS device for myself. I’m planning on getting an iPad 3 which I’m hoping will be the “iPhone 4” of iPads.

But why? Why Apple products? Because they’re not like other products. They may cost a little more than comparable products, but they’re not like others. They work well, they last a long time and they look great.

Thanks Steve Jobs for bringing these awesome products to market.

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