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Web Faves Updated

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It’s been awhile since I took a look at what I’ve been representing on QSF5.com’s Web podcast_logoFaves section there on the right.

I don’t want to remove anything per se, but I do have some additions to highlight.

Tested – Tested is Whiskey Media’s technology, coffee and gadget website. I was initially drawn to their site by their weekly podcast, “This is only a test”, but I stayed for the informative and entertaining videos. The two editors, Will Smith and Norm Chan, have a great chemistry on screen and on the air which gave the site more personality than any other tech site out there. Plus they showed off the cutest little corgi ever, Chloe Bananas.

Digital Foundry – Easily the most thorough site about the console gaming technology. Richard Leadbetter and gang explore everything from game engines, to console hardware rumors and, of course, the usual multiplatform comparisons between all the platforms.

MacRumors – As a grow fan of Apple and their products, MacRumors has become a regular stop for its news, rumors and forums. Some of the comments are on the ridiculous, but

That’s it. Three sites worthy of my time and perhaps yours.

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