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Battlefield 3 PS3 MP Report #1

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It’s about time I sat down and get some of my early Battlefield 3 multiplayer impressions down on virtual paper. I’ve put 10+ hours thus far and while that’s just a drop compared to the 250+ hours I put into Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s multiplayer, there’s still a lot to note and discuss.


What was Battlefield 3 going to be? Was it Battlefield: Bad Company 3 in disguise? Was it really a successor to Battlefield 2? The name doesn’t lie. It’s the sequel to Battlefield 2, with many of the lessons learned from DICE’s previous titles.

Elements from Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 2 and even Medal of Honor were all at play in Battlefield 3. Vaulting over obstacles, the sudden collapse of walls and the aerial acrobatics of fighter jets were all present. All of this was laid upon the foundation of the best shooting experience DICE had ever put out in a Battlefield game, thus proving Medal of Honor’s multiplayer was not a complete waste of everyone’s time.


Everyone was given an opportunity to check out Battlefield 3 through its beta. I knew what to expect when it came to controls and shooting. I even had a sampling of what to expect audio and visual wise.

There were still plenty of unknowns, but I had other games to lean on. I had Battlefield 2 for jets and the map styles. I had Bad Company 2 and its take on destruction and Rush game mode.

Taking all the above into consideration, I had a pretty good idea what I was getting myself into. The question is: did I guess correctly?

Results Thus Far

During my time with Battlefield 2, the fighter jets were fighting in their own world in the skies. They destroyed a tank or two if the opposing jet was out of commission, but for the most part they weren’t helpful with the flag capturing.

In Battlefield 3? They’re reprising that same role and it’s disappointing. At least helicopters served a more intimate role. They’re able to hover above capture points, land on rooftops and harass the opposing forces with more precision. What do jets do? Create awesome explosions when they crash.

Perhaps they will become more useful as more abilities become unlocked. After all, many important capabilities are tucked away behind Battlefield 3’s unlock system. It’s annoying to see so many of the crucial elements locked away, but I know it’ll be a low priority concern once this “growing pain” passes.

Destruction was one of the main reasons why I loved Bad Company 2’s multiplayer. Battlefield 3 has destruction, but it’s not as game changing. I’ve only seen a building collapse once. Most of the other destruction was on a smaller scale such as trees or walls toppling over. The satisfaction bringing down a house is all, but gone.

That’s it for now

Tune in next time for more Battlefield 3 multiplayer impressions including my thoughts on the maps. Hopefully by then I’ll have more perks, attachments and abilities to round out the experience.

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