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Checkpoint: Drowning in Games Edition

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Oh there are so many games out at the moment. I haven’t even bought them all because I have yet to complete any of the ones I’ve purchased already.

Let’s take a look at the progress of each:

Dark Souls

I’m level 51 at the moment and based on what I’ve seen from my brother’s game, I have a lot more dying to go through before I can put this one to rest.

Battlefield 3

Campaign – I started the campaign on “Hard” difficulty on November 8 just because I wanted to see it and Modern Warfare 3’s campaign side by side. Three chapters in and decided to put it down. At this rate, I’ll probably finish Modern Warfare 3’s first.

Co-op – I slogged through and completed this with my brother in order to unlock all the weapons for multiplayer.

Multiplayer – Still rolling. More thoughts in another MP report soon.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Campaign – Just wrapped it up. Will be writing up my review soon.

Co-op – Haven’t touched it yet.

Multiplayer – Haven’t touched it yet.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Campaign – Barely started it.

Co-op – We’ve done the first set of Spec Ops missions and tried a slew of survival maps. It’s alright.

Multiplayer – Tried Kill Confirmed and while it was a change to the formula, it was slight. I grew bored of it rather quickly.

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