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Battlefield 3 PS3 Campaign Review

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s campaign wasn’t the best, but compared to Battlefield 3’s? It’s a fine piece of digital content that rivals the best in the gaming industry.

I heard it wasn’t particularly good and I also heard it was a passive experience. If you have teammates along, it’s possible to complete entire sections and objectives without firing a single shot. The game demanded very little from me. With that in mind, I started watching the game play out like a war journalist taking notes.

My findings were not good.

The enemies did not challenge me in any way other than with the lethality of their bullets. No display of tactics was shown whatsoever; all they did was followed a script. One of them even served the role of sacrifice as I knocked open a door. His friend fired a few shots and he just stood there waiting for his cue to flop over and die.

Other oddities that I ran into included the termination of “background actors”. Those random soldiers that I walk by on way to the next objective point are suddenly killed off once they served their purpose. The only reason why I noticed this was the audible “groan” they gave out as if they’re being killed. Then I noticed the blue triangles above the heads of other soldiers disappearing as well. I couldn’t believe it: the game was clean up after itself before my eyes.

Fortunately for DICE, their set piece moments were devoid of scripting problems. These bombastic spectacles of the Frostbite 2.0 engine’s abilities were absolutely gorgeous to look at it. Unfortunately those set pieces were just that: a pretty thing to look at. User interaction was minimal to say the least and when I was asked to do something, it was simply following the on screen prompt. DICE may be masterful with their tech, but they have to work on their quick time events.

Battlefield 3’s campaign wasn’t engaging. It felt like I was on a virtual roller coaster ride. It should be thrilling, but it wasn’t. I could lay the blame on Call of Duty desensitizing me with its craziness, but that wouldn’t be entirely correct. I found Medal of Honor more interesting and it followed a similar style.

Then what’s the problem? I believe he lack of originality to their approach to the campaign coupled with the lacklustre execution in the gameplay itself dispelled any notion of enjoyment. Outside of impressive visuals and some easy virtual points, there’s nothing of value in the campaign. Such a missed opportunity.

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