» » Checkpoint: 2011’s Regrettable Purchases Edition

Checkpoint: 2011’s Regrettable Purchases Edition

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I no longer buy Ubisoft games on day one and I’ve become weary of purchasing EA games as well. But now I may have another company to add to the list: Valve.

Valve burned me with Portal 2 — they actually burned me twice because I bought a copy for my brother. Watching the price drop below $50 within the first week was ok, but watching it plummet all the way down to less than $11 because of a Steam sale is disheartening.

Just last week I could have purchased, enjoyed Portal 2 and still have enough time to consider it for game of the year.

Consider it a lesson learned.

Currently working through Dark Souls and playing plenty of Battlefield 3 multiplayer.

I should have a review of Modern Warfare 3’s campaign up this week for those who are interested.

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