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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) Campaign Review

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The only reason why I wanted to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s campaign was to see how much the mass exodus of Infinity Ward staff affected the game. I wasn’t curious for the story because Modern Warfare 2’s ridiculous series of events already threw out any reason why I should care. So yes, the only reason was to see how the “new“ Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games handled this multimillion dollar franchise.

To my surprise, the answer was “pretty well”. They didn’t lose the polish or pyrotechnics of the previous Modern Warfare games, but the campaign didn’t have much of the intensity or memorability of the previous Modern Warfare games. And without many of those key moments coupled with the lack of interest for the story, what was left for me? The ability to shoot hundreds upon thousands of Russian soldiers strewn across the globe?

The poor Russians. From Call of Duty to Medal of Honor, how many of your brethren have died in service of single player campaigns?

Black Ops kept me rolling through its campaign with the momentum of its story. I kept pushing through Modern Warfare 3’s five or six hour campaign on Hardened difficulty because I wanted to see the beginning and end of each level.

The level openers and exits were the highlights of the game for me. Some levels showcased a high point or two in the midst of the monotonous firefights, but the trough between the opening and end of each level consisted of the same old shooting gallery this franchise is infamously known for.

To this installment’s credit, it still managed to deliver a “take away” moment. Call of Duty 4’s opening ride along, sneak mission through radioactive plains and the nuke were some of my personal favorites. Modern Warfare 3’s “moment” was the crashing airplane. They managed to create a sensation and spectacle never seen in any other game before let alone a Call of Duty game.

Despite not running as well or looking as nice as the version made for Microsoft’s console, Modern Warfare 3’s visuals were fine for me. The framerate held together when it needed to and compared to Black Ops, the image quality was excellent. It wasn’t a step up like the leap from COD4 to MW2, but I didn’t expect that kind of leap again in this generation.

The biggest presentation disappointment for me was in the audio. Not with the sound effects or military banter, but with the soundtrack. After Hans Zimmer’s awesome score in Modern Warfare 2, I had high hopes for an encore, but I was let down. It wasn’t terrible by any means. It just felt less impactful and noticeable than the last couple of Call of Duty games – yes, even Black Ops had some great tracks.

I guess you could align my impressions with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s campaign with my thoughts on the soundtrack. Newcomers or those who don’t already own more than three games with the words “Call of Duty” on the cover may find this campaign to be filled of new fangled thrills. But for the rest of us, enjoy with tempered expectations.

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