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Checkpoint: First Games of 2012 Edition


As I was compiling my list of 2011 games that I played and finished, I quickly discovered that most of those 2011 games did not deserve to be in my top 10. I wanted to get my top 10 list ready for the annual GAF Game of the Year voting, so I decided to start up a couple of games along with Skyrim.

Renegade Ops – I heard good things about this downloadable title and so far I haven’t been disappointed. Playing on the highest difficulty is challenging, but not unfairly so.

Bastion – I technically didn’t start this yet. I tried the demo on Chrome¬†and bought it off Steam, but I will probably start and finish it before the deadline.

The deadline for all these games is January 7th. I doubt I can wrap up Skyrim before that date, but I should have enough of an opinion to see if it has a place in my top 10.

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