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Renegade Ops (PC) Review

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Avalanche Studios’ Renegade Ops was everything that is right about games in the downloadable space. It was easy to pick up, entertaining from moment to moment and it presented itself extremely well.

Renegade Ops wa a top down vehicular twin stick shooter that instantly reminded me of those Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike games from the SNES/Genesis era. But instead of primarily piloting a helicopter, I was in an light armor vehicle equipped with a machine gun and specialized weapon of some sort. (Don’t worry, choppers did get some play time in this game too.)

There were variety of vehicle/character choices, but they only differ in which special weapon they can deploy and which abilities they can pick first on the skill tree. Special weapons like the EMP and the air strike were instant difference makers, but others like the heavy gunner’s mega cannon required a bit more strategy to achieve success.

It was possible to play Renegade Ops by my lonesome, but I took advantage of the co-op. My brother and I were able to tackle multiple optional objectives at once across sprawling landscapes. But we were also able to combine our EMP and air strike capabilities against a host of rocket launching tanks in confined areas as well.

We played the game on the highest difficulty and found it tough, but fair. Recognizing what our vehicles could or couldn’t do in a given situation was key to our survival. The latter stages also demanded some patience and restraint which was a bit of a gear change considering the wide open nature of the first few missions. If we were a bit too overzealous with the turbo, a rocket could strike our flipped over vehicles and snuff out one of our limited lives.

A simple G.I JOE inspired narrative about saving the world from the clutches of a persistent mad man was well suited for a game like this. It was corny, but most importantly it didn’t get in the way of the fun. I thought it actually enhanced the game.

I cannot pin anything against Renegade Ops. There’s just so much pure fun to be had. I can’t believe so much time passed before someone made a game like this. It seemed like a no brainer. Anyone who enjoys simple fun or is a fan of Electronic Arts Strike games should play Renegade Ops.

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2010 PC Rev. 1.1 was used to play Renegade Ops.

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