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Battlefield 3 PS3 MP Report #3

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It’s been two months since I last reported on Battlefield 3’s multiplayer on the PlayStation 3. Since that time there have been a couple of patches to address balance issues and — more recently — voice chat issues.

The consoles have lagged behind the PC release where balance and other issues have been addressed. The consoles are still experiencing audio glitches, obscenely blinding flashlights and other minor faults that’s unforgivable now.

On the plus side, the Back to Karkand map pack was released back in December and have been a welcome addition. It’s not the new palette that I was hoping for, but they did offer a new mode (Conquest Assault) and they are larger than most of the maps in the main game.

I normally wouldn’t have problems with a stagnant game; I played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer for ages without a single change. But Battlefield 3 isn’t Bad Company 2 — it has fundamental issues that detract from the experience and remind me that this game has issues still.

Here’s to a timely release of the next patch.

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